Simple Tips to Make

Your Move Easier


Store valuables at the back of your unit and items you use most at the front Leave a center aisle or small space between the walls and boxes to allow for air circulation


Protect furniture and mattresses with pads or dust covers.

Drain Motors

Drain the tanks of all small gas-powered machines to prevent gas fumes and odors.

Use Drawers

Furniture with drawers can be utilized as storage places for pictures, knick-knacks, china, silverware, small items, etc. Wrap them in tablecloths, towels or blankets to prevent breakage.

Prevent Critters

We have mouse bait boxes around the buildings but we recommend adding some in the unit.

Off The Ground

Place your items on 2x4 boards or on pallets to guard against dampness Any concrete floor may become cold and damp.

Optimize Your Space

Breakdown any furniture that has removable legs or parts. Stack chairs if possible.


Stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.


Label each box's contents on more than one side.


Never store food or toxic items.